Rent Toyota Camry 50

We offer to rent a premium Toyota Camry 50 and these are chic and luxurious cars from all existing ones. Toyota Camry 50 is not only very attractive but also a really comfortable car. Toyota Camry 50 has very good technical specifications and is in great demand at the box office.

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Toyota Camry 50

Climate control, VIP leather interior

Body type — sedan
Seats quantity — 3
Color — black
Manufacture year — 2012

Rental price Toyota Camry 50

City driving — 400 UAH / hour
Within Ukraine — 17 UAH / km
Transfer — 1200 UAH
Minimum order — 2 hours + 1 hour for auto-provision


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Why Toyota Camry is the perfect rental choice

There are cars for business as well as for traveling and there are for celebration. But there are also cars that are equally well suited for all three cases. The legendary Camry model of the Toyota global brand today is beyond the means of many. But you can feel like a full owner of this car for a couple of days or hours. You can rent a Toyota Camry with a driver from us.

Style, luxury, dynamics – these are the three most suitable and accurate associations that arise from people who have already ordered Camry.

In addition, I want to note that the car is very convenient, there is a lot of space inside the car to drive, without exaggeration, in comfort. The air conditioning system allows you to forget about any weather “misunderstandings” on this day.

Renting a Toyota Camry allows you to solve the problem of the lack of a presentable personal car, as this brand is perfect for business meetings.

Of the advantages that you simply can’t “close your eyes”, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • powerful engine;
  • good suspension;
  • advanced noise isolation system;
  • multiphase climate control;
  • roomy trunk.

The last factor, perhaps, allows us to say that the rented Toyota Camry is a car for all occasions. Going on a trip? Not a problem, there is enough space in the trunk for your belongings. Need to meet a business partner? He probably has a couple of suitcases. And even at a wedding celebration, such a trunk can be used to good use.

We offer rental Toyota Camry with a driver from 2 hours and above, in the city and beyond.

Very often, customers order Toyota to meet their guests at the airport and transfer back. We know that every minute of your time is valuable time. Therefore, we are ready to provide you with comfort and fast-moving.

Toyota Camry can rightly be considered a good option for transport for our roads. Auto confidently behaves on the highway and all thanks to well-implemented engineering. The car’s suspension system will allow you to forget about the possible roughness of the roadway.

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