Rent Mercedes-Benz W222 S500

We offer to rent a premium Mercedes-Benz W222 S500 and these are chic and luxurious cars from all existing ones. Mercedes-Benz 222 is not only very attractive but also a really comfortable car. 222 Mercedes has very good technical specifications and is in great demand at the box office.

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Mercedes-Benz W222 S500

Mercedes-Benz W222 S500

Climate control, VIP leather interior

Body type — sedan
Seats quantity — 3
Color — black
Manufacture year — 2016

Rental price Mercedes 222

City driving — 1000 UAH / hour
Within Ukraine — 28 UAH / km
Transfer — 3000 UAH
Minimum order — 2 hours + 1 hour for auto-provision


We have other premium car options in our fleet.

We recommend ordering a rental Mercedes-Benz 222 with a driver in Kiev

“All or nothing”, that’s how the slogan of the famous leader of the German automobile industry Mercedes-Benz S class sounds. It is difficult to argue with the fact that this is a really reliable, comfortable and presentable car Mercedes-Benz W222.

You can rent it to feel like a person number one. Rent a Mercedes 222 S-class cars speak of the propriety of its owner, of high status. You don’t have to buy such an excellent car. We have a Mercedes 222 rental available.

You can rent a Mercedes S class not only for moving around the city and outside it. We can deliver you and your guests to the airport, or meet you from an airplane.

This is a comfortable car with a wide and spacious interior. The car runs on soft suspension, because all the bumps in our roads, you or your guests will not be able to feel. The car engine runs very quietly, which is convenient when you need to discuss something directly in the car.

An important advantage of the Mercedes-Benz W222 of this class is also sound insulation. All the city bustle and noise will remain behind the tinted glass of the car.

This car is well suited for:

  • weddings, celebrations;
  • business travel;
  • meeting guests at the airport;
  • transfer back.

The W222 model for weddings is in special demand. A couple of years ago it was something exotic but today, people increasingly prefer to rent such a respectable car for their wedding celebration. You can use it even for two purposes.

  • Firstly, this is a great transport option for honeymooners. In their memory will be the memories of a rich, direct, royal move.
  • Secondly, it is possible to carry VIP party guests, the most respected of the invited people. How effective the wedding column will look if it is led by a Mercedes S-class. A car at a wedding can even set the tone for the celebration itself.

Such a rich car is perfect for both the classic and themed wedding format.

However, this car is well suited for important meetings. You have a big deal and you want your business partners to have a good impression about you – rent a Mercedes-Benz 222, with a driver in Kyiv on our website, or order by phone.

Emphasize the seriousness of your intentions. Show the parties to the transaction how important they are to you. The S-class car that meets them will say everything instead of you.

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